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Callum Keith Rennie Backstage at the 1999 Genies (interview)

TS = Tessa Sproule, from CBC Infoculture
CKR = Callum Keith Rennie

TS: Can I ask you a couple of questions? Hello.

CKR: Hi.

TS: You know this is going on the web tonight?

CKR: That's creepy. That's just creepy to go on the web at night. I've been on the web... What am I supposed to do with that? [the microphone]

TS: Nope, no. I'll hold it, it's okay. Just ignore it.

CKR: I wanna sing.

TS: Tell me what, uh, what…you wanna sing? Go ahead, you can sing. What do you think about your role in Last Night (couldn't make out the rest) ?

CKR: That there was a vagueness in whether it was about lust or self-loathing or love and it wasn't really clear.

TS: What is it about?

CKR: I don't know.

TS: Okay, now if it were your last night, what would you have for dinner?

CKR: What kind of question is that?

TS: I asked Sandra [Oh] that and Sandra gave a very interesting answer.

CKR: I give the same answer as whatever she said.

TS: Whatever she said, you give the same answer.

CKR: Yeah. What would I have for dinner? I don't think I'd be thinking about dinner. Something other than dinner. I don't think I'd even be eating. You'd be cooking for yourself? I don't do that now, so... I guess the restaurants would be closed. I wouldn't be eating.

TS: Now, my cousin said that Last Night had a millenium sort of theme to it so why should we go?

CKR: Cause it doesn't really. It sort of does but it doesn't. And it's not like Deep Impact or Armageddon. It's not like that. It's about doing things in your time, the things that you should do, the things that you're putting off, the love you should be getting, the experiences you need to be having and not, you know? Because we don't know how long we have. That's what it's about.

Best Supporting Actor winner Callum Keith Rennie attempts a wink.
Infoculture overheard Last Night's director Don McKellar commenting that "Callum looks like he had a pencil stuck in his eye."

Images were shamelessly stolen without permission from the CBC Infoculture page. The Real Audio of this interview can also be found there.

Original site down, found via wayback machine here.
Tags: .genre: interview, actor: don mckellar, actor: sandra oh, film: last night, year: 1999
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