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Volunteers? :D?

It, uh, looks like this community will be out of volunteers for movie posts in a few days. /c\ It's the weather? I guess? *hopes*

So, anyway! We need volunteers! For movie posts! And TV posts! And stuff! There are still LOTS of awesome films and shows that haven't been covered yet. And, uh, lots of not quite so awesome ones as well. Anyway!

What about Paris Or Somewhere? (I totally KNOW that some of you guys will watch this one in just a few hours.) Or Whiskey Echo (Come on, Rollie). Blade: Trinity! (Yeah, yeah, it's not the greatest movie of all times, but there is Asher.) Frank's Cock (Which is quite awesome). Flower & Garnet! (With the kid! And the sad! And fishing trip!) DUE SOUTH! (!!!!!!) Men With Guns! (It's almost like The Boondock Saints, only not so good! But with Mamet!) Bliss! (I know you have watched that one.) Wilby Wonderful! (WILBY WONDERFUL!) La Femme Nikita! (Two words: Gray. Wellman.) Or, for the really brave ones among you, Slap Shot 2. (/c\ But Palmberg is kind of... well. Okay.) Or Code Name: The Cleaner. (No redeeming qualities! At all!) But, see, you don't have to be brave. There's also Memento or Lucid or The Invisible. Or Masterminds or Normal See? Lots of fabulous posts that are waiting to be written. By YOU.

And, yeah, okay. This week is unhurt's turn with Hard Core Logo, and then I will do a post next week. Maybe Curtis' Charm. Or I could do Picture Claire with someone else posting about about Claire's Hat the week after? Like a double feature? (Mal? :D?)

But after that? Yeah. (There's also Men In Trees and The Five People You Meet In Heaven and Torso. And there is STILL a lot of stuff I didn't even mention yet.)

The list of what posts have been done already is here, the template for the posts (use it or don't, just like you want) is here, and some more stuff about what to posts and not to post is here. All these posts are also linked in the user info of the community, and if you have more questions, need help with anything, or maybe want to tell me what I should do for a change, feel free to email. Or just comment here.

♥ ♥ ♥
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