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Face of the fortnight: Callum Keith Rennie (article)

Face of the fortnight: Due South's Callum Keith Rennie

Inside Soap (UK TV magazine) issue 103, fortnight ending 25 June 1998

WHO? He's Detective Stanley Raymond Kowalski, the dishy new cop in BBC1's off-the-wall series Due South. The 34-year-old actor admits it wasn't easy filling the void left by his predecessor David Marciano, who played Detective Ray Vecchio. "It was hard taking over from someone as well established as David," he says. You're doing scenes and the crew are all watching intently to see how you're doing. After the first couple of episodes, though, I soon started to get into it and do my own thing."

BEFORE THIS? Although raised in Canada, Callum was actually born in Sunderland. "My mum's from Inverness and my dad's from Aberdeen... I think!" he laughs. "We moved to Canada when I was four."

Callum's earlier acting roles were in theatre, but it was only when he moved to Vancouver that his film and TV career took off. Roles followed in series like Lonesome Dove, Highlander and My Life as a Dog, as well as the feature films Mastermind and Excess Baggage.

OFF SCREEN? Callum loves a game of hockey. "If you grow up in Canada, you grow up playing hockey. There's a Sunday team which all the Due South crew play in," he says.

WHAT'S NEXT? Callum has just finished shooting a film with director David Cronenberg, whose credits include shockers like The Fly and last year's controversial Crash. "It's called Existence, but it's more of a buddy film than your usual weird Cronenberg film," he says. "It does have a gun made of a leg bone that shoots teeth at people, though, so I suppose that's a bit weird!"

OH, AND NOT FORGETTING! He has appeared in The X files. "I had a guest role in the show," he says. "Soon after that, the producer called me in and they wrote a regular part for me. In the end I couldn't do it. That part went on to become Krycek, the bad guy in the show."

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