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Still hard core (article)

Still hard core
The Province - November 20, 2008

Province movie critic Glen Schaefer on the film industry in Vancouver and beyond.

Hard Core Logo, the Vancouver-filmed 1996 cult hit about the road trails of a punk band, should be the least likely subject of sequel rumours.

For one thing, main character Joe Dick (Hugh Dillon) offed himself with a bullet to the head at the movie's end. For another, the original Hard Core Logo made less than $20,000 in a limited U.S. theatrical release.

It did better in its native Canada, though, and built a following on video and DVD. And the people involved — director Bruce McDonald, stars Dillon and Callum Keith Rennie (as singer Billy Tallent) became friends while making the movie. And it's worth noting that the movie's rock-cred is such that one successful Canadian band latterly found success when they named themselves Billy Talent.

I talked to McDonald about a year ago, when he was hoping to film a sequel in Scotland, in a castle.

I met Rennie in Vancouver this week, and he wasn't letting on whether that Scottish-castle idea was still afloat, but the actor did say the three had talked this year about doing a sequel.

"There's a couple of scripts kicking around," Rennie said. "I flew up to Montreal to spend some time with Hugh and we bounced some ideas around. Bruce was there as well. We're sort of moving ahead on an idea. I think it would be great fun. I haven't worked with Hugh in such a long time — Hard Core Logo is the opportunity to get us back together. He's on that coast I'm on this coast. and we’re going OK let's find something."

McDonald will be at this December's Whistler Film Festival, and I'll try to pick his brain further then. He'll be screening his latest, the thoughtful, chatty small-town thriller Pontypool, about a radio shock-jock (Stephen McHattie) reporting on a case of mass hysteria that seems like a zombie invasion. Minimal gore, some laughs, and most of the movie happens in a basement radio station sound booth. Cool stuff.

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