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Murder Seen (movie post)

Nicole Eggert (Anything for Love, Baywatch) stars as the brainy and beautiful botany student Zoey Drayden,
with Callum Keith Rennie (eXistenZ, Hard Core Logo) as the intrepid Detective Keegan.

Another of Callum’s unforgettable movies starts with student Zoey receiving a phone call late at night from a distressed girl asking for help. She’s assaulted by disturbing flashes and after finding some ground to her visions, she goes to the police to share her story. Detectives Keegan and Stepnoski are precisely investigating a case involving an abducted girl. Despite Keegan’s hunches that she may tell the truth, she’s first detained as the sole suspect. After a psychiatric evaluation, she’s released and works with the police to find the girl until she decides to track the abductor on her own...

Callum plays Detective Keegan, eager to solve the case and prove Zoey’s innocence.

The IMDB page: Murder Seen (2000)

Directed by Rob W. King, Murder Seen is a Canadian straight-to-video movie. The original music is by Rob Bryanton who was also the composer for "Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story". Again on the 6D front: Kent Allen (playing Ivan Stark) was in Now & Forever, Sharon Bakker (Janette Collier’s mother –a few seconds’ appearance) was "Mrs. Fleigel" in Paris or Somewhere; Tammy Rae Beltrami who plays Stark’s attorney and was script supervisor on the movie also supervised the script of Falling Angels (2003). Several members of the cast have played in the usual TV series, but not at the same time as Callum. Unrelated but noteworthy, Timothy Bottoms (Detective Stepnoski) made his film debut in 1971 as the horrifically mutilated World War I soldier in Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun and later portrayed U.S. President George W. Bush in three different productions.

Cast / Characters:

Nicole Eggert
Callum Keith Rennie
Timothy Bottoms
Kent Allen
Will Sanderson
Gerald Lenton-Young
Lisa Marie Pollock
Wendy Anderson
Sharon Bakker
Tammy Rae Beltrami

Zoey Drayden
Detective Mike Keegan
Detective Frank Stepnoski
Ivan Stark
Craig Masters
Janette Collier
Dr. Eschenberg
Hellen Collier
Ivan's Attorney

Year: 2000

Runtime: 90’

Country: Canada

IMDB rating: 4.4/10 (89 votes)

Genre: Thriller

Viewing rating (from DVD cover): M 15+ - Recommended for mature audiences 15 years and over: low level violence, low level coarse language

There are 4 user comments at IMDB comments page.

2 for, 2 against - from One of Rob Kings best works to Don't waste your time - here’s one example:

I only watched this film because of Callum Keith Rennie, but even his presence wasn't enough to hold my interest in this very routine 'thriller', a title it is hardly worthy of.

The acting is mostly wooden, the 'villain' a total caricature, and the ending completely predictable. Nicole Eggert does what she can, but she doesn't have the acting chops to rise above such a mediocre script. Timothy Bottoms veers wildly between gnawing on the scenery and obvious disinterest, while Callum tries hard to begin with, but by the end even he looks like he's wondering how to get the hell out of there.

Callum Quotient: a good 90%!


(following pics courtesy of slidellra)

  • Keegan (summarizing the missing girl case for his lieutenant): No Janette, no clarinet!

  • - Keegan (about believing Zoey): I got a hunch...
    - Stepnoski (later, questioning Keegan’s support of Zoey): What is this? Instinct coming from above or below your belt?

  • Keegan (to his Lieutenant after Zoey had a freakout): One minute she’s fine, one minute she’s screamin’ like I was assaultin’ her or something!

  • - Zoey (picking up a ruined plant after the police visited her apartment): Oh, Romeo’s dying!
    - Keegan: You can’t blame us for that, I mean, probably resistin’ arrest or somethin’...

  • Keegan (to suspect Stark, after Stepnoski threw Stark down): You shouldn’t lean back in a chair like that, you may have a nasty fall...

  • Craig (Zoey’s friend, to Zoey after she tried to convince him to go and find the missing girl by themselves): Okay, if this was a movie, this is probably when I answer "Why she’s so stupid?"

  • - Craig (to Zoey as they sit with Keegan at the back of the ambulance): You are right, he’s cute. For a cop.
    - Keegan: So I’m cute, eh?
    - Zoey (not thinking, and bumping him in his wounded arm/shoulder): Yeah, yeah, you look adorable.

  • The title for the American release is Murder Scene.

  • On IMDB page, the runtime for the Brazilian version is 145 min. Deleted scenes?

  • Murder Seen was shot in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from May 11th to May 28th, 2000, including three days shooting at the University of Saskatchewan, whereas the film is set in and around a college campus in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • The world premiere of Murder Seen opened the sixth annual Filmcan festival in November, 2000 in Saskatoon.

  • Murder Seen was the second film in an eight-picture deal struck between Thomega, Regina's Minds Eye Pictures and France's Saban International. The first picture in the slate, Without Malice, was shot in December 1999 in Prince Albert National Park. Maybe Falling Angels (partially shot in Saskatchewan) and Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story, both produced by Minds Eye Pictures, were part of the same deal - although they hardly qualify as action thrillers as required by the "Saskatoon Initiative".

Interesting scenes:
  • The opening scene: teacher and student playing music.

  • Keegan and Stepnoski investigating Zoey’s apartment (first appearance by the leather coat!)

  • Keegan and Stepnoski going to the restroom to have a private argument.

  • Zoey having a flash and running in the middle of the traffic: Stepnoski holding her with Keegan running around them, trying to protect them and prevent accidents at the same time (failing on the accident front).

  • Keegan listening to Stepnoski’s account of how his daughter was abducted in the hall leading to cells, smoking, leaning over Stepnoski with a hand to the wall.

  • Keegan trying to rescue Zoey from Stark...

Do I want to show this to my parents / friends / co-workers?
Poll #1329241 Murder Seen

-----------------Overall rating----------------------

A classic of the genre. Thrilling!
Good suspense movie
Some clichés, overall not bad
Callum’s pretty, the shirts are nice. Wait, you mean the movie?
Even with Callum and the shirts – no!


Some off-screen violence only - maybe
*points at the viewing recommendation* keep the kids away, please
In Zoey’s visions. And some fighting and shooting
So much that the goriest scenes had to be edited from the TV version
Since I watched it, I keep having horrible visions and can no longer answer phone calls


More fun than a barrel of monkeys!
Witty dialogues
Made me smile at times
Yes, but probably not when I was meant to
It’s a suspense thriller people, it’s supposed to be scary, not funny

---------Sexual content-----------

Wow! Those lucky enough to have watched the Brazilian version will know…
There is a bit of groping during those seances
Just enough to sustain the romance
No kiss with tongue
No kiss at all

-----------Sexual violence------------

None - he abducted the girl only to marry her
Yes, suggested
He did tie her in a cellar, drug her and rough her up some
Makes me wish they had suggested the rape scenes rather than shown them
Just stop with the serial raping, okay?

Mike Keegan
Poll #1329242 Mike Keegan


He’s cute, adorable, intrepid, he likes to help people *sigh*
Average cop (the boring one)
He does like it when witnesses or suspects are pushed around
Likes molesting women a little too much - his lieutenant has to keep him in line
Too good to be true! Almost believed this was the movie where Callum’d be the good guy and get the girl… alas! He does get her - and some others too, poor innocent lambs victims of the Mad Keegan!

-------------How many people does he kill?--------------

None (remember, he likes people)
Well, he did inadvertently shoot Zoey, but does that count?
None, except for a few sickos
We know for sure about Janette, then there was Sharon, and him being a serial killer, an average of 10 to 15 seems plausible
Even if Keegan’s final body counts falls far short of the five hundred victims he originally claimed, he nevertheless ranks as one of the most depraved serial killer in film history


He’s quite level-headed and balanced
He’s a cop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – that’s not quite wholesome
Organizing seances on the side and teaming with mediums to track criminals are not your average cop’s methods
He’s a complete freak
Serial killers are usually not classified as sane people


Hotter than hot. Seriously
Comes in full hotness. Complete with accessories. Holster. Leather coat.
Yeah, the movie was crap, blah blah, shhh, I’m watching!
Pretty, but he’s had better days
Sorry, the shirts irk me


He runs off with Zoey’s friend at the end, what’s more to say?
Come on - the scene in the restroom, the leaning over his partner… must prove something
As long as he gets some
He’s married with his badge
He has eyes for Zoey only

Mike Keegan’s shirts
Poll #1329243 Mike Keegan’s shirts

How many shirts does Mike Keegan sport?

less (you wish!)

In case you answered more than one, which one do you prefer?

the hard blue one (flatters his eyes)
the black one
the light grey-blue one
the green one with mother-of-pearl buttons
any of them, with the leather coat on top
any of them, with the holster showing
none of them

Does he die?
You really want to know? Are you sure? Really sure? Well, then. (highlight to read)

::He doesn’t \c/ Just gets adorably beaten up near the end!::


On Campus News (University of Saskatchewan) vol. 7 nbr 17 May 19, 2000. ‘Lights, camera, action on campus!’

For three days this month, May 9-11, U of S campus was the scene of detectives and a psychic student tracking a vicious serial killer – all in front of cameras rolling for a joint production of Regina’s Minds Eye Pictures and Saskatoon’s Thomega Entertainment. Co-producer Tony Towstego says the movie, Murder Seen, is part of an initiative to boost local movie talent and crews. He says it’s set on a campus in Minneapolis, which required flying the American flag on the Thorvaldson Building flagpole one afternoon. Towstego says besides the U of S, local shooting is at Broadway Ave., Saskatchewan Cres., and the Avenue Building. Shooting ends May 28, and worldwide release is set for late 2000. It will also be shown on The Movie Network, Canada’s in-home pay-TV movie channel. Facilities Management worked for months with producers on campus shooting arrangements. The producers were responsible for any related expenses, provided their own insurance, and paid a nominal site fee. Drama Dept. students were also able to observe filming, which took place in Thorvaldson, the Bowl, the Mitchell Bldg., the Law Library, and Geology. The film stars Timothy Bottoms, Callum Keith Rennie, Nicole Eggert, and local actor Kent Allen. Above, from left, Bottoms (with tie), Rennie and director Rob King prepare to shoot a scene in the Drama theatre. Below, a film crew unpacks equipment at the west end of the Bowl, between Thorvaldson and the Library.

Found here (scroll down)

U of S Hits The Silver Screen Movie Filming Takes Place on Campus, By Farrah Mateen, Sheaf Staff Writer

The uncharacteristic trailers parked near the Thorvaldson building last week were due to the on-location filming for an upcoming movie. Murder Seen is a "suspense thriller" about a "brainy and beautiful botany student, Zoey Drayden, who receives a life-altering phone call from a distressed woman pleading for help,"according to Minds Eye Pictures, Saskatchewan's largest film and television production company. Nicole Eggert (Anything for Love, Baywatch) stars as the botany student. Drayden is taunted by haunting dreams of the woman's abduction and consults Detective Keegan, played by Callum Keith Rennie (eXistenZ, Hard Core Logo). Timothy Bottoms (The Man in the Iron Mask, Absolute Force) plays the role of Detective Stepnoski while Kent Allen appears in the other leading role as the madman and kidnapper Ivan Stark.

Principal photography of the movie began on May 9 and will likely continue in several venues around the city throughout the month. While filming at the U of S last week, the most noticeable change on campus was the flying of a American flag from the top of Thorvaldson in order to create the feel of a U.S college campus. The film is set in and around a college campus in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Office of Communications noted that the on-location filming was "excellent for the university" and allowed several U of S drama students to gain the opportunity to act in a production that will be seen on a number of T.V. networks. Tony Towstego is Co-Producer for the Saskatoon-based company Thomega Entertainment Inc., which is working on the project in association with Minds Eye Pictures (located in Regina). The idea was to capture the majestic beauty of the campus." he said. "In my opinion, "it is one of the most beautiful campuses in North America." He went on to add that the U of S campus is "underutilised" and has "incredible production value, which is important for low-budget productions." Thomega and Minds Eye Pictures extended an offer to U of S undergraduate students and recent graduates to play a role in the film's production. Dwayne Brenna, head of the University of Saskatchewan Drama Department, said that U of S drama students will comprise 20 of the movie's extras as well as work in some of the technical areas of production. In addition, ten students will be observers on the set to witness the crew and actors at work. "I think it's a great step up and reveals opportunities [to students for] when they graduate," said Brenna. "We welcome any chance to be involved." Students involved in acting will have a credit added to their ACTRA Performers Guild membership, which boosts their career potential. Brenna also noted that all drama students essentially graduate as ACTRA apprentices.

Students participating in the acting side will be seen across the country on The Movie Network and Super Ecran, a North American French-language network, and as well the movie will enjoy a limited theatrical release. The movie is set to be released in October or November of 2000 and will go straight to video. Murder Seen is the second of eight action thrillers that will be part of what is called the "Saskatoon Initiative" of Minds Eye Pictures. The primary goal is to meet the need of a growing motion picture sector industry in Saskatoon by building a trained and skilled local labour base. All eight movies will be filmed in Saskatoon over the next two years. The first one, Without Malice, was shot mostly in Waskesiu and is set to be released in August or September 2000. 27 Saskatoon residents are working behind the scenes on the total 45 person crew. As well, the filming of Murder Seen employed six cast members and more than 50 extras from Saskatoon. The University of Saskatchewan campus is not the only Saskatoon spot to hit the silver screen. Filming of the upcoming movie will also take place in the Broadway area and the warehouse district in Saskatoon. With a growing local motion picture industry and the unique architecture of the U of S campus, it looks as though there might be more lights, cameras, and this type of action.

"We hope to use the campus again in the future", Towstego said. The opportunities for student benefit are also being taken into account. "There is a long standing history of involvement from this department [drama]" said Brenna.

Found here (scroll down to the last article).and here


(SASKATOON) Principal photography begins today on Murder Seen, produced by Minds Eye Entertainment of Regina in association with Thomega Entertainment Inc. of Saskatoon. The feature film is the second of eight action thrillers of the "Saskatoon Initiative" established by C.E.O. and Chairman of Minds Eye Entertainment, Kevin DeWalt. Murder Seen will be distributed internationally by Saban International, and in North America by Minds Eye International.

Filmed on location in Saskatoon the film will showcase the University of Saskatchewan Campus, the Avenue building heritage property as well as residential areas in and around the city.

Murder Seen is a suspense thriller about a psychic co-ed tormented by the chilling details of a mysterious kidnapping on her college campus. Zoey Drayden, an intelligent and beautiful university student, receives a life-altering phone call from a distressed woman pleading for help. The eerie call evokes haunting dreams of the woman's abduction. Driven to investigate, she discovers the disturbing reality behind her visions and decides to go to the police. There, Zoey meets Detectives Keegan and Stepnoski, and reveals details of the missing student's case that only the police and the killer would know. To her disbelief, Zoey becomes their prime suspect and is arrested for masterminding the kidnapping. Determined to save the woman and free herself from the horrifying images, Zoey helps to capture a vicious serial killer, and in doing so, almost pays the price with her own life.

Nicole Eggert (Anything for Love, Baywatch) stars as the brainy and beautiful botany student Zoey Drayden, with Callum Keith Rennie (eXistenZ, Hard Core Logo) as the intrepid Detective Keegan. Timothy Bottoms (The Man in the Iron Mask, Absolute Force) plays the role of gruff Detective Stepnoski and Kent Allen (Big Bear, Painted Doves) appears in a leading role as kidnapper and madman Ivan Stark.

Murder Seen is directed by Rob King (Without Malice, Something More) and written by Marilyn Webber. Kevin DeWalt is Executive Producer, Mark Reid is producer, and Tony Towstego is co-producer. Director of photography is Ken Krawczyk, c.s.c (Without Malice, Scrounger).

The Saskatoon Initiative's primary objective is to create a skilled labour base of local crew for the thriving motion picture industry. Minds Eye Entertainment will shoot eight motion pictures in Saskatoon and area over the next two years. This initiative will create immediate employment, train newcomers to the industry and at the same time, foster continued growth in the motion picture sector. Of a forty-five person crew, Murder Seen employs a crew of twenty-seven Saskatoon residents, and six Saskatoon cast members including Sharon Bakker, Blaine Hart and Jody Peters, as well as over fifty extras from the area. CEO of Minds Eye Entertainment and Executive Producer of Murder Seen, Kevin DeWalt, also announced today that all eight of the "Saskatoon Initiative" feature films will be broadcast on Canada's Super Ecran and TMN - The Movie Network, beginning in 2001. TMN - The Movie Network, operated by Astral Television Networks Inc., an Astral Communications Inc. company, is Canada's biggest in-home movie theatre showing uncut and commercial-free movies, exclusive series and comedy specials. With one 24-hour main channel and MultiChannel TMN - 4 multiplex channels starting daily at noon (ET)-- TMN offers movie fans maximum choice. Super Ecran is North America's only French-language pay-TV network. Airing uncut and commercial-free movies, exclusive series and comedy specials on one 24-hour main channel and two primetime multiplex channels, Super Ecran is Canada's largest in-home francophone movie theatre. Super Ecran is delivered via cable, MMDS in Quebec (and in some areas of Ottawa), and by DTH nationally. "The fact that the country's biggest movie channels are anxious to air our films is a testament to the quality and production value of these motion pictures. It says a lot about how far the industry has come here in Saskatchewan," says DeWalt. Established in 1986, Minds Eye Picture is a fully integrated production, post-production and distribution entity with offices in Canada and the U.S. Its award-winning feature films. Television series, shorts and documentaries have been sold in more then 100 countries.

Thomega Entertainment Inc. is a new Saskatoon based production company with Tony Towstego heading the company as C.E.O.

Found here.

Moria - The science fiction, horror and fantasy movie review site - Murder Scene aka MURDER SEEN – rating ** - 16-dec-08

Plot: University student Zoey Drayden is woken at night by a telephone call from someone screaming for help but dismisses this as a prank. But then she begins to have dreams and flashes. The next day Zoey realizes that she is having clairvoyant premonitions of fellow student Jeanette Collier who has been abducted. Without knowing it, Zoey had bumped into Jeanette in the hall just before the abduction. Zoey is able to successfully trace the images in her mind to a phone box where Jeanette managed to escape and make the call to her before being recaptured by her abductor. But when Zoey goes to the police with the information, detectives Mike Keegan and Frank Stepnoski have her arrested, believing that only the abductor would have such inside information. Zoey tries to plead with them to believe her fantastical story and save Jeanette before she is killed.

This minor Canadian film is a venture into the clairvoyant thriller theme. Indeed the clairvoyant thriller has become its own mini-genre with tv movies like Baffled (1972), The Eyes of Charles Sand (1972), Visions (1972) and Empathy (2007) and cinematic outings such as The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978), Double Exposure (1981), Fear (1990), Sensation (1994), Hideaway (1995), After Alice (1999), In Dreams (1999), The Gift (2000) and Troubled Waters (2006). The majority of these are routine. The problem with these films is that first and foremost they are thrillers – either murder mysteries or variants on the serial killer thriller where the clairvoyant gets a connection to the mind of a killer and/or can see through their eyes – and the fantastic element (the clairvoyance) is never made to serve anything more than thriller plot dictates. Crucially these films do not allow their psychics any more visions than ever seem necessary to the solving of the crime – in other words the scriptwriters have no interest in the clairvoyant element conceptually.

Murder Scene is no different from any of these other films in its lack of conceptual ambition. The thriller story it tells is entirely routine. In fact what is irritating about Murder Scene is the lack of basic plausibility to some of its plot – no police department would ever arrest someone as a murder suspect without any corroborating evidence other than their telling a fantastic story. Indeed the arrestee would have the mandatory right to have a lawyer present who almost certainly would have demanded that the police produce evidence that directly implicated their client in the abduction. Elsewhere the film trades in tired cliches such as contriving reasons for the heroine to venture into the killer’s lair alone. It is all directed by Rob King with no more than routine competence. Yes: compare when they cannot keep Stark who has a lawyer

On the plus side, the film is far better cast than the entirely second-rate material warrants. One of the great surprises is the lead performance from Nicole Eggert. Nicole Eggert’s main claim to fame was as a regular on two seasons of Baywatch (1989-2001) before going onto trashy bimbo roles like The Demolitionist (1996). With Nicole Eggert’s presence you expect to see something like Pamela Anderson pretending to be a university student but Eggert refuses to glamorise the part in any way and seems a convincingly ordinary university student – all her reactions to the situation she finds herself in are surprisingly on the nose and convincing. Also good is Canadian actor Callum Keith Rennie. Rennie has had numerous supporting parts in various Canadian-shot American films and tv shows and is almost certainly due a big breakthrough part some day soon. Here he makes for a handsome and believable leading man. Although the best performance in the film comes from Timothy Bottoms. The uncontrolled intensity with which Bottoms enters the show quite takes one aback at first and it is to his credit that Bottoms turns the character around by the end of the film to make us see entirely sympathetic facets inside him.

Found here.


Some pictures, synopsis and information on shooting (the latter reproduced above in this post) are available from the Filmogallery of Nicole Eggert.

There is a Wikipedia entry (\n/)

slidellra posted an inspired picspam in four parts, here, here, here and here.


Although made for DVD, the movie is not easily available. You can try here, here or here (region = all).

DO NOT READ if you haven’t watched, it would spoil the fun.

Characters and actors:
- Nicole Eggert’s performance? Convincingly opens a wide mouth or puts a hand to her brow when she has flashes (or both):

- Callum in it: when I first watched Murder Seen, I was convinced that he was the bad guy and mistook his hints at being interested in the heroine for psychopathic tendencies (1. the basic romance seemed to hint at Zoey’s neighbour being her boyfriend-to-be, 2. Callum smirking at his partner pushing Craig around: I found him creepy, whereas he was just satisfied to see a potential rival manhandled (not a nice attitude anyway), 3. being too attentionate towards Zoey and taking her for dinner while her apartment was ramsacked (!), 4. I found it generally not believable that his character got interested in the brainy but beautiful heroine). It took the end of the movie to make me realize my disillusion. What’s even worse, she doesn’t seem to be interested in him, at all. Admittedly she has other concerns on her mind, but she’s supposed to be attracted by him?
- The detective partner was my alternate suspect. The real criminal was too obvious, so I eliminated him from the start. I liked Craig more and more as the movie went on. And you don’t feel sad for him that he doesn’t get the girl, ‘cause that guy’s queer, right? Funny guy. With experimental hair, too.

What didn’t work (random pick among many and aside from the obvious clichés):
- The police arresting Zoey with barely proof, without her having a lawyer (Stark has one). Stark’s a heavy suspect, leaves no contact address and they let him go?
- Fraternizing with suspects. Keegan taking Zoey out for dinner while the case’s running (and while or after her apartment has been ramsacked by the police, and he knew about it, or was part of it, and didn’t even mention it! Jokes about it even! I personally would give him a good one for that).
- Callum pining for the girl (see above). Of course, it’s good to see Callum getting some for once, but the romance comes from nowhere. Hardly goes anywhere. Like someone said, ‘hey guys, we forgot about the romantic element!’ and tacked it on.
- Scooby-Doo remake. The five main characters playing hide-and-seek in Stark’s house in the final scene.
- Final final scene: Keegan (who’s been shot in the arm/shoulder/chest (?) and in the leg) asking Zoey for dinner. Strong guy.

What’s good:
- Callum has a lot of screen time. He’s a good guy. He gets the girl (uh, probably?). He looks hot, specially when smoking, leaning, getting shot at and beaten up (you look adorable! it’s canon!). Mike Keegan clearly shares some similitudes with Ray Kowalski: attitude, mannerism, job. He has hunches. He shares important conversations in the restroom with his partner. With some Fraserish influences (I like helping people. And, you know, getting the bad guy). He plays good cop (well, mostly - see the chair scene) to his partner’s bad cop, who by the way gets to be the Polish cop.
- The shirts: probably meant to underline the action’s taking place on a new day. Probably Zoey changed clothes as well? And Keegan’s partner too? Sorry, too distracted to say. But the shirts are of the awesome. With or without leather coat. Often showing holster as a bonus. With ties too. Callum’s quite the icon fashion here.
- Another thing I liked is the intro with the music playing thing, cello and clarinet. And the soundtrack was overall good, except for some romance-supporting pieces.

Now, go and have fun!
And don’t forget to mention anything you’d like to be added to this post.

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