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no excuses!

I bring you


List of movie & TV posts

Battlestar Galactica (tv post) by melancholygeek
Bionic Woman: The List (tv post) by c_regalis
Blade: Trinity aka Blade III (movie post) by souncanadian
Bliss: 6 Days (tv post) by mary_the_fan
Californication (tv post) by souncanadian
Code Name: The Cleaner (movie post) by bluebelle789
Dice (movie post) by neu111
Double Happiness (movie post) by scriggle
Falling Angels (movie post) by zabira
Falling From the Sky: Flight 174 (movie post) by neu111
Flower & Garnet (movie post) by mandysbitch
Foolish Heart: Breathless (tv post) by scriggle
Forever Knight: Outside the Lines (tv post) by lucifuge_5
For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down (movie post) by nos4a2no9
Frank's Cock (movie post) by lamentables
Hard Core Logo (movie post) by _unhurt_
Harper's Island (tv post) by lucifuge_5
Kingdom hospital: Butterfingers (tv post) by bluebelle789
La Femme Nikita: Gray & Choice (tv post) by waltzforanight
Last Night (movie post) by meresy
Little Criminals (movie post) by c_regalis
Lonesome Dove: the Series - Long Shot (tv post) by scriggle
Memento (movie post) by surya74
Men With Guns (movie post) by bluebelle789
Murder Scene aka Murder Seen (movie post) by neu111
Normal (movie post) by waltzforanight
Paris or Somewhere (movie post) by slidellra
Picture Claire (movie post) by c_regalis
Purple Toast (movie post) by c_regalis
SlapShot 2: Breaking the Ice (movie post) by neu111
Smallville: Fragile (tv post) by bluebrocade
Strange World: Lullaby (tv post) by scriggle
Supernatural: Wendigo (tv post) by megedeborch
Suspicious River (movie post) by gothamnights
The Commish: Security (tv post) by neu111
The Dead Zone: Dinner with Dana (tv post) by godess_jessie
The Invisible (movie post) by akamine_chan
The L Word: Lifesize, Lead Follow or Get Out of the Way, and Losing the Light (tv post) by mandysbitch
The Marshal: Protection (tv post) by scriggle
The Raffle (movie post) by neu111
The Shooting Gallery (movie post) by bluebelle789
Tin Man (tv post) by myhappyface
Twitch City (tv post) by mrs_laugh_track
Unnatural and accidental (movie post) by slidellra
Valentine's Day (movie post) by neu111
Viper: Wheelman (tv post) by c_regalis
Whiskey Echo (tv post) by akamine_chan
Wilby Wonderful (movie post) by wordplay

Theater post

Theater roles by neu111

List of movies & TV shows not posted yet

Some of them are kinda reserved (*)
Those in italics are not (yet) released

Alphas: 2 episodes (Pilot & Anger Management)
Case 39
Claire's Hat
CSI Miami: Mayday (season 9) & Countermeasures (season 10)
Curtis's Charm
Dark Angel: Exposure
DaVinci's Inquest: several episodes from seasons 2, 3 & 4
Due South (the whole series)
Excess Baggage
Faith, Fraud and Minimum Wage
Fifty Shades of Grey (post-production)
FlashForward: 2 episodes (The Gift, & Course Correction)
H20: The Last Prime Minister
Hell in a Handbag (post-production)
Highlander: Eye For An Eye (season 2) & The Innocent (season 4)
Letters From Home
Men in Trees: Chemical Reaction
Mistresses: the pilot (never aired)
Motive: Pitfall (season 2)
Murder on her Mind
Mutant X: Ex Marks the Spot
My Life as a Dog (the whole series)
Nature Boy
Now and Forever
Painkiller Jane
Ride (post-production)
Rookie Blue: 3 episodes from season 2
Shattered (the movie, ex-aka Butterfly on a Wheel)
Shattered (TV)
Side Effects: Snap, Crackle, Pop
Sitting on the Edge of Marlene (post-production)
Snow Cake
The Butterfly Effect
The Eleventh Hour: The Source
The Firm
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
The Highwayman
The Hunters: the pilot (never aired)
The Killing
The Last Stop
The Life Before This
The Omen
The Outer Limits: Corner of the Eye
The Ranger, the Cook and a Hole in the Sky
The X-Files: Lazarus (season 1) & Fresh Bones (season 2)
The X-Files: I Want to Believe
The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet
Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story
Touching Evil: Memorial
Tru Calling: Pilot
When the Dark Man Calls
Whole New Thing

Once you've picked your choice post, don't forget to go here or here to discuss it with c.

And to check out the info on the profile page.

List of article and interview posts

When you make a film or tv post, you get posting access for one to several weeks and that's usually when you post articles or interviews

List of articles posted

Callum Keith Rennie Climbs To The Top (DECISIVE MOMENT) - 1996 The Globe and Mail
Snapshot - 1996 Shift Magazine
Hard Core Logo – Goin’ Down the Road … punk rock style - 1996 idMagazine
Hunky Hard Core Logo star gives himself away - 1996 Now Magazine
If I'd succeeded earlier, I'd be dead (Get this man a script, okay?) - 1997 The Globe and Mail
Due for a change - 1997 Toronto Sun
From hellion to hot property: Callum Keith Rennie makes up for lost time - 1997 MacLEAN's
The brat pack - 1997 Shift Magazine
Heads you win & Roll call - 1998 unknown magazine
12 Steps to Stardom - 1998 Saturday Night Magazine
Callum Keith Rennie - The Buddy System - 1998 TV ZONE magazine
Due credit - 1998 Cult Times
Face of the fortnight: Due South's Callum Keith Rennie - 1998 Inside Soap
Radio Times (due South 1998 promotional UK TV tour) - 1998 British TV magazine article
Food Talk Under the Riviera Sun (Cannes Film Festival 1998) - 1998 Toronto Sun
You Can Just Callum Charismatic - 1998 Toronto Sun
A Case Study In Quality Drama -Da Vinci's Inquest - 1999 Vancouver Sun
Getting Under Callum Keith Rennie's Skin - 1999 Vines
Aisle Seat, Glen Shaefer - 2001 The Vancouver Province
Ramblin' Rennie gets rooted - 2001 The Vancouver Province
Rennie's Hot On Ice - 2001 Edmonton Sun
The Tao of Callum Keith Rennie - 2001 Take One Magazine
The Tao of Callum Keith Rennie (article scans) - 2001 Take One Magazine
Actor Still Blossoming - 2002 Calgary Sun
Callum Keith Rennie is Mr. Cool - 2002 Vancouver Sun
Canadian Finds Fame's Glare too Bright - 2002 Calgary Herald
Canadian, Content - 2002 Vancouver magazine
The smoking section must be sold out - 2002 Toronto Star
The Smouldering Man - Callum Keith Rennie - 2002 (same as ‘King Ray the 2nd’ at the compulsive reader)
It's the work - For Callum Keith Rennie, the only business of films is acting - 2003 Toronto Sun
Keith Behrman's flower & garnet: bridging the gap between the inner and outer worlds - 2003 Take One Magazine
Big tender hearts - FILM FEST / In the face of small mindedness - 2004 Xtra!
Good golly Ms. Polly (interview with Polly Shannon) - 2005 MacLEAN's
A Study Of Characters (in Two short essays about CKR) - 2006 Callum Rennie fanzine, Latinamerica
Feeling human - Callum's interview & Katee Sackhoff talks about Callum - 2007 Starburst Special Edition
Rennie lands multiple roles in one - 2008 The Vancouver Province
Still hard core - 2008 The Vancouver Province
Valentino Syndrome (in Two short essays about CKR) - 2008 Blog: Callum Keith Rennie en español
Callum Keith Rennie knows how to be a bad guy, from Californication to Oz to 24 - 2009 The Canadian Press
'Tin Man' puts a different spin on the Oz story - 2009 The Lindsay Post
Halo shines in N.S. - 2009 The
Callum Keith Rennie on being Shattered - 2010 Canwest News Service
Callum Keith Rennie: Lew Ashby is Los Angeles at its most decadent - 2010 Generique(s)
Monaco cracks for new NBS/Universal Show Shattered - 2010 Monte Carlo TV Festival press release
Monte Carlo, mon palmarès (Monte Carlo, my honors list) - 2010 Tetes de Series
A man of many faces - 2010 The Globe and Mail
Shattered tries to pick up the pieces - 2010 The Vancouver Province
Rennie Gets ‘Shattered’ - 2010 What's On in Vancouver
After years of supporting roles, Callum Keith Rennie takes centre stage - 2010 The Canadian Press
A head-case cop show with issues - 2010 Globe and Mail
He’s complicated (Callum Keith Rennie shines in psychotic 'Shattered’) - 2010 TV Guide Canada
Shattered star a man of Rennie parts (Canadian actor Callum Keith Rennie plays a police officer who struggles with mental illness in Shattered) - 2010 The Toronto Star
Rennie ‘Shattered’ role complicated - 2010 The Toronto Sun
Actor makes dysfunctional detective compelling - 2010 Winnipeg Free Press
First New Series Of The TV Season (Shattered) - 2010 James Bawden blogspot
Shattered – a stonking showcase for its mesmerising hero - 2010 The Guardian
Shattered Episode 1 - Review - 2010
Actor Callum Keith Rennie’s edgy Vancouver loft - 2013 Home & House, Canada
Callum Keith Rennie draws on childhood for The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet - 2014 Calgary Sun

List of interviews posted

(tagged 'interview' only)

Callum Keith Rennie on On The Arts - 1998 TV: On the Arts with Laurie Brown
Electric Circus (due South 1998 promotional UK TV tour) - 1998 UK TV
This Morning with Richard & Judy (due South 1998 promotional UK TV tour) - 1998 UK TV
Callum Keith Rennie Backstage at the 1999 Genies - 1999 CBC Infoculture
Open Mike with Mike Bullard - 1999 CTV
Callum Loves His Biker Gear - 1999 The Vancouver Province
Callum Keith Rennie's Adventures In Ashcroft (The Out of Towner) - 2001 Reelwest Magazine
Rennie Gets His Due - 2001 The Edmonton Sun
Callum Keith Rennie and Keith Behrman at Vicki Gabereau - 2002 CTV
Interview by CityTV - 2003 CityTV
The Name of the Game - 2006 Bravo!Canada
Callum Keith Rennie Galactica.TV - 2007 Galactica.TV
The Hour, Hugh Dillon talks about Callum Keith Rennie - 2007 CBC TV
Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Video blogs & other behind-the-scenes vids - 2008
Callum Keith Rennie at the Galactica 4 convention - 2008 UK Convention
Callum Keith Rennie interview at E!Online - 2009 E!Online
Meeting Callum Keith Rennie, a TV rising star - 2010
Monte Carlo 2010: Meeting Callum Keith Rennie - 2010
Shattered: the new series by its actors - 2010 Premiere
I don’t give a crap about my image - 2010 comment:com
'24': Callum Keith Rennie tells about his Season 8 - 2010 Premiere
Shattered - Callum Keith Rennie Interview - 2010 Universal Channel UK
I've starred in 24 and Battlestar Galactica but I'd love to use my Scottish accent once, says Callum Keith Rennie - 2010
Q&A - Callum Keith Rennie (Rick Felder) - 2010
B-t-s of The Young and Prodigious Spivet: ‘Finding the actors for the Spivet family’ - 2013


(tagged 'pictures' only)

At the Toronto International Film Festival 1998

Thank you for reading to the end!

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