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The Invisible (Movie Post)

The Invisible is a thriller about a young man, Nick, who wanders the borders between life and death, unseen and unheard. The only person who can save him is the girl who tired to kill him. Callum Keith Rennie plays Detective Brain Larson, the police officer who is trying to find and help Nick before it's too late.

The IMDB page: The Invisible (2007)

Directed by David S. Goyer, screenplay written by Mick Davis and Christine Roum, starring Justin Chatwin and Margarita Levieva. David S. Goyer has had his hand in many projects: director and writer of Blade: Trinity and the upcoming X-Men Origins: Magneto, producer on Ghost Rider, Blade: Trinity and Blade II, writer for the upcoming The Flash and The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Blade, Blade II, Dark City and others.

Cast / Characters:

Justin Chatwin
Margarita Levieva
Marcia Gay Harden
Chris Marquette
Alex O'Loughlin
Callum Keith Rennie
Michelle Harrison
Alex Ferris

Nick Powell
Annie Newton
Diane Powell
Pete Egan
Marcus Bohem
Detective Brian Larson
Detective Kate Tunney
Victor Newton

Year: 2007

Runtime: 102 minutes

Country: USA | Canada

IMDB rating: 6/10 (from 14,512 votes)

Genre: Crime | Drama | Fantasy | Mystery | Thriller

Keywords: Invisible | Death | High School | Death | Limbo


Alex Ferris (playing Victor Newton) was nominated for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actor – Fantasy or Drama – for the Young Artist Awards.

There are 298 user comments. Overall, the reviews are positive.

One example:
I walked into this movie expecting something completely different than what I got. While most people are using this as an excuse to hate this movie, It made me like it even more. The acting was excellent. Justin Chatwin and Margarita Levieva are incredibly believable and both seem to really enjoy the material. I can understand why some people would be mad. Most people were expecting the teenage horror flick. I am so glad it wasn't. There was so much depth and beauty to it. In my opinion if you didn't' like it either you didn't understand it or you are a horror obsessed teen. The soundtrack also was amazing. I loved everything about this movie. The promotion(meaning Trailers) could have been done a lot more differently and better. Still i strongly encourage this movie to those of you who love deep, thought provoking, beautiful, and emotional movies!

You can find all the comments here.

Callum Quotient: About 15%

Pictures: (with thanks to scriggle and c_regalis)

  • Nick: [whispering to Annie] You are so broken.

  • Nick: [reading poem for class] Day burns down to night,
    Burns the edge of my soul.
    In the night I break into sparks of suns
    And become fires in a dust of bones
    Night knifes
    My breath swallows whole my tongue
    Turn back
    Reverse return
    In the night I see the real
    Concealed in the day's bright lie
    Eyes stitched shut
    White teeth smile
    Sleep walks and talks
    And feet mark time of day

  • Detective Brian Larson: What can you tell me about him?
    Diane Powell: He's very well liked. He's bright. He's very bright. He's very bright.
    Detective Brian Larson: I mean, who is he really? As a person?

  • Detective Brian Larson: I'm looking for anything that can help me find Nicholas. I mean could fill out a report, give it twenty four hours, but that's not what I do. Not when a kid's involved.

  • Detective Brian Larson: You know you asked me to marry you once.
    Annie: Another lifetime.
    Detective Brian Larson: Yeah, I guess so.

  • Detective Brian Larson: I knew Annie when she was just a baby. She liked my ties.

  • The Invisible is based on the Swedish film Den Osynlige (2002), which was very loosely inspired by a novel of the same name by the Swedish writer Mats Wahl.

  • The shirt that Nick is wearing at the end of the movie bears a crow on the chest. In some Native American legends (and the graphic novel by James O'Barr bearing the name) the crow could carry a person's soul back from the land of the dead.

  • From the commentary, by way of scriggle: The director, David Goyer, does relate one Callum story. He mentions that he directed Blade: Trinity and he had cast Callum in a "rather small" role as a vampire. He realized that Callum was a higher caliber actor than the role called for and he was embarrassed to have him playing that role. Goyer told Callum he'd offer him a better role in a couple of years.

Interesting scenes:

  • The scene with the dying bird and Nick figuring out he's still alive.

  • Annie at the club, dancing.

  • Detective Larson exploring Nick's room.

  • Nick wandering down the crowded streets.

  • Nick's attempt at suicide.

Do I want to show this to my parents / friends / co-workers?
Poll #1356461 The Invisible

Overall rating?

*draws hearts*


No violence - nothin' but pure fluff.
Nothing to get upset about.
Some shooting, some blood.
The angst gets in the way of the violence.
*covers eyes*


Funnier than most LOLcats.
There's some laughs to be had.
Sorta funny, sorta not.
The angst gets in the way of the humor.
Um, no, not really.

Sexual content?

More sex than a warren of rabbits.
They're teenagers!
A little, if you squint.
The angst gets in the way of the sex.
None. At all.

Sexual violence?

None. Happy sex only.
Some not-so-happy sex.
Yeah, I guess.
The angst gets in the way of the sexual violence.
Yeah. Lots of it.

Detective Brian Larson
Poll #1356462 Detective Brian Larson


An angel in human form.
Tries to be the best person he can.
Middle-of-the-road - some good parts, some bad.
You don't want to know him.
The earthly manifestation of evil.

How many people does he kill?

None - he's a cop for god's sake!
A few.
A lot.


Rock-solidly sane.
A little different.
A little odd.
Creepily weird.


Guh. He leans on everything.
Mmm. Pockets.
Yum. Feetses.
Meh - he was hotter in Slap Shot 2.


Hell, yeah.
Not completely straight.
Could swing either way.
You're kidding, right?
Not really, nope.

Does he die?
You really want to know? Are you sure? Really sure? Well, then. (highlight to read)

::Not dead. Can't say the same for everyone else, though.::


The fact that some very good actors are in this thing (Callum Keith Rennie plays a detective and Marcia Gay Harden plays Nick's mother) suggests that at some point there may have been a promising movie to be made.

From here.

If the movie were offering any insights into grief, loneliness, the class worlds of cosseted Nick and abandoned Annie, or teenage detachment, The Invisible could have made a mark. But instead we’re left with clunky wordsmithery (Annie’s precocious little brother rejecting her gift: “You need it more than I do”), hard stares from Chatwin, and some feeble demonizing then valourizing of Annie—once again, the woman as betrayer and then the necessary sacrifice—whose conscience is awakened by love, not basic human decency.

Found here.


LJ community

Offical MySpace Page.

The Wikipedia entry.

c_regalis posted picspams part one, part two, part three and part four, plus more here and here.

scriggle posted a picspam from the deleted scenes here.

omphale23 wrote a snippet Personal History.

brigantine wrote Leeward, a due South/The Invisible crossover which I highly recommend.

Fanfiction entries at fanfiction.net are here.


The movie is widely available through Amazon and many other retailers.

Final Words

Placed into context, the Invisible is not a bad movie. It's beautifully filmed, showing off the lush forests and stately cityscapes of British Columbia. The colors are muted, contributing to the haunting, atmospheric feel. The actors are well-dressed and fashionable. It has a hip and trendy soundtrack featuring bands like Snow Patrol and Death Cab For Cutie.

And that's the problem. It's like watching a very long music video; all flash and style with no substance (thanks, zabira). This is a movie ultimately about teenage disaffection and alienation, but does nothing with the concept. It just drifts along, pensive, with no real conflict and no real resolution.

A disappointment, because it could have been a good movie.

This holds true for Callum's character, as well. He had the potential to be so much more - there's an untold wealth of history between him and Annie's family that's left unexplored. This part was not a stretch for him in any way and gave him no real opportunity to stretch his acting muscles.

It's not that I don't like this movie. I do. I like it a lot, actually. But it's sad to watch, knowing it could have been so much better.
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