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Callum Keith Rennie interview by CityTV (interview)

[clips from Flower & Garnet, Falling Angels, Last Night]

Scott Smith (director of Falling Angels): There's so much... so much... bottled in Callum, and he's got this wonderful energy that's so... that's both so contained and so explosive at the same time. So when I added that to the characterization of Jim, I was like, oh, of course this going to be really [didn't hear that part].

[clip from Falling Angels]

CKR: It seemed hard, and I didn't really know how to do it. So I thought, well, uh, that's a good thing. You know, like I-  how do you do that? I love the idea, but I may be not right for it, and maybe they'll say you don't get to do it, and then I'll be, fine. Okay. Next time. But it was certainly something I was... attracted to.

[clip from Flower & Garnet]

CKR: I'm not big on this casting myself and star for... it's very instinctual and you go, uhm. It's just-  I mean-  I am coming up forty-three, and, uh, I'm going to get some... father roles. 'Cause you go what's-  you know, how many films are around in Canada? I mean how many have we made that-  you know. I'm going to be a dad sometimes. And it's hopefully interesting dads like this.

[clip from Curtis's Charm]

CKR: If Curtis's Charm came up I'd still do it, you know? It's... it's all the same-  I think I'd still make the same choice now, and go-  if I'd got the opportunity. But I'm also casting myself as... am I right for that. I'm not gong to put myself into something I don't think I am right for.

[clips from the set of Wilby Wonderful]

CKR: Like Daniel MacIvor's movie I just finished, who's-  you know, like uh... a gay character who's like-  sort of like-  who's the moral centerpiece of the movie. Which is great. And [he's] extraordinarily quiet, and very weird, and... yeah. So there. It's not locked into... one thing. And maybe that's-  the thing is my Canadian career-  it has been that.

[clip from Last Night]

CKR: If I'm not... keeping my foot in Los Angeles or-  like-  I'm scared. Because you have 9/11, and you have finances change around the world, and world economics change. There was a year where I worked 26 days. Out of the year. And if that's me, who's got a relatively established career in this country, I hate to think what it must be like for some of the others.

[clips from the set of Wilby Wonderful]

The video of the interview (3 minutes 24 seconds) is available at YouTube here, embedding is disabled. Since Scott Smith was interviewed as well, and Falling Angels was shot in 2003, I am assuming that is also the date of the interview.
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