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Callum Keith Rennie interview at E!Online

E!Online guy: I hope you all remember Callum Keith Rennie. This Alberta boy rocked our world as Lew Ashby in Californication. Now he's back with a new show called Shattered. Let's have a look.

Callum Keith Rennie: Woah, this is, uh. This is great.

E!Online guy: Callum Keith Rennie, know it, learn it, and love it. We think he's one actor that's worth going gaga over.

Interviewer: How do you handle the whole sex symbol bit?

Callum Keith Rennie: Wow. It's-  it's just a lot of pressure. But, uh. You know. I get by with it. Uhm. I don't-  what kind of question is that? That's...

Interviewer: I don't know. I just wanted to see what you think

Callum Keith Rennie: That's insane.

Callum Keith Rennie: 'Cause I don't see myself that way.

E!Online guy: Well, we do! How can't we when he moves us with his edgy bad boy charm in hit shows like Battlestar Galactica and Californication. This time around he's ready to take his bad boy persona center-stage.

Callum Keith Rennie: It's a police drama, I'm playing a detective who has a DID, a Dissociative Identity Disorder which is brought up-  about by, uh, having his- seeing his family members be tortured and killed.

Interviewer: You carry around a extreme emotional baggage considering these heavy roles you often... considering these heavy characters you often inhabit?

Callum Keith Rennie: Does it look like I do?

Interviewer: Do you want the truth?

Callum Keith Rennie: Yeah. (starts lauging)

Interviewer: It all written on your face, Callum.

Callum Keith Rennie: Uhm, Do I-  No. It's actually some of the heavier ones that's fun.

E!Online guy: He just can't veer away from the heavy stuff. Cause soon he will be pitched against Mr. Canada himself, Paul Gross.

Callum Keith Rennie: We're working on a movie called Gunless in Osoyoos, and I'm the bad guy, he's the good guy, he gets the girl, I got a disfigured ear. He's got the Wayne's World hair. I've got good hair. And an excellent hat.

Found at E!Online, according to the website the interview was uploaded on July 6, 2009.
Tags: .genre: interview, .genre: transcript, film: gunless, tv: shattered, year: 2009
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