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Why yes, I mean you!

I think I've played around here all by myself for long enough now. I also think I might have figured out how things could work around here, and the possible community rules stopped morphing into different possible community rules in my head. Yay?

In short, I want you to come and play. \c/

So, let me know if you want posting access for the comm. And for how long (usually two weeks). You can post general movie posts, like the ones I did for Purple Toast and Little Criminals (for more examples click the tag for 'movie post' in the right hand sidebar), or you can post interviews, articles, pictures and so on.

Like I said in my first post here, I'd like to have (at least) one movie (or TV show) post per week. Let me know if you would like to do one (or more than one) of those, and in which week you would like to do it. Also let me know which movie you want to do. A complete post takes a lot of work and it would be annoying if two people were working on the same movie.
I would like to have one post for every movie and every TV appearance, also one each for Due South, Battlestar Galactica, Twitch City and My Life as a Dog, but if you want to do an extra entry about an episode, feel free to do this as well. Here applies as well, no posts about a particular episode before there isn't a general post about the series.

Like already mentioned above, you can also post other stuff; articles, interviews, but also additional entries about movies. You have a theory about the meaning of Purple Toast? An essay about Hard Core Logo? Set pictures from Whiskey Echo? You are welcome to post here.
I think it would be best to not post anything about a movie or TV show before there is a 'general' entry about it, but I'll make exceptions for Hard Core Logo, Wilby Wonderful and Due South, since they are obviously very well known by, well, everyone.

For now, up to five people can have posting access at the same time. You don't have to do one of the general movie posts. If you want posting access just for interviews and articles and other stuff, that's okay too. But like I said, one movie per week would be nice. You don't need to do it alone, if you want to collaborate with someone, I'd probably be able to find you a partner.

For now the plan looks like this:


February 9 - 15

February 16 - 22

February 23 - 29

March 1 - 7

March 8 - 14

March 15. - 21

March 22 - 28

March 29 - April 4

April 5 - 11

April 12 - 18

April 19 - 25

April 26 - May 2

May 3 - 9

May 10 - 16

May 17 - 23

May 24 - 30

May 31 - June 6

June 7 - 13

June 14 - 20

June 21 - 27

June 28 - July 4

July 5 - 11

July 12 - 18

July 19 - 25

July 26 - August 1

August 2 - 8

August 9 - 15

August 16 - 22

August 23 - 29

August 30 - September 5

September 6 - 12

September 13 - 19

September 20 - 26

Sept 27 - Oct 3

October 4 - 10

October 11 - 17


Purple Toast (c_regalis)

Little Criminals (c_regalis)

Viper - Wheelman (c_regalis)

The Commish: Security (neu111)

Double Happiness (scriggle)

Unnatural & Accidetal (slidellra)

The Marshall (scriggle)

Shooting Gallery + KD Hospital (bluebelle789)

Twitch City (mrs_laugh_track)

Memento (gammaraychick)

Strange World (scriggle)

Smallville (bluebrocade)

Last Night (meresy)

Falling Angels (zabira)

Theater roles (neu111)

Battlestar Galactica (bluebrocade)

Foolish Hearts (scriggle)

FTWHtWD (nos4a2no9)

Hard Core Logo (_unhurt_)

Picture Claire (c_regalis)

Blade: Trinity (souncanadian)

Paris or Somewhere (slidellra)

Claire's Hat (malnpudl)

Wilby Wonderful (wordplay)

Lonesome Dove (scriggle) &
Tin Man (myhappyface)

Whiskey Echo (akamine_chan)

Men With Guns (bluebelle789)

eXistenZ (onyx_obsidian)

Slap Shot 2 (neu111)

Frank's Cock (lamentables)

Code Name: The Cleaner (bluebelle789)

Suspicious River (gothamnights)

Masterminds (joandarck)

Bliss (mary_the_fan)

Battlestar Galactica (melancholygeek)

Claire's Hat (malnpudl)

********** SURPRISE HIATUS /c\ (hopefully soon to be over) **********


January 10 - 16

January 17 - 23

January 24 - 30

January 31 - February 6

February 7 - 13

February 14 - 20

February 21 - 27

Feb 28 - Mar 6

March 7 - 13

March 14 - 20

March 21 - 27

March 28 - April 3

April 4 - 10

April 11 - 17

April 18 - 24

April 25 - May 1

May 2 - 8

May 9 - 15

May 16 - 22

May 23 - 29

May 30 - June 5

June 6 - 12

June 13 - 19

June 20 - 26

June 27 - July 3

July 4 -10

July 11 - 17

July 18 - 24

July 25 - 31

August 1 - 7

August 8 - 14

August 15 - 21

August 22 - 28

Aug. 29 - Sept. 4

September 5 -11

September 12 -18

September 19 -25

Sept 26 - Oct 2

October 3 - 9

October 10 - 16

October 17 - 23

October 24 - 30

November 1 - 7

Murder Seen (neu111)

Supernatural (megedeborch)

Dead Zone (godess_jessie)

The Invisible (akamine_chan)

La Femme Nikita (waltzforanight)

Whole New Thing (mary_the_fan)

Californication (souncanadian)

Falling From the Sky... (neu111)

Whole New Thing (mary_the_fan)

Normal (waltzforanight)

Tru Calling (godess_jessie)

Californication (souncanadian)

Flower & Garnet (mandysbitch)

Tricks (scriggle)

Forever Knight (lucifuge_5)

Bionic Woman (c_regalis)

The L Word (mandysbitch)

Memento (surya74)

The Raffle (neu111)

Dice (neu111)

Harper's Island (lucifuge_5)

Curtis's Charm (c_regalis)

Claire's Hat (malnpudl)

Tricks (scriggle)

Harper's Island (lucifuge_5)

Hopefully this table won't stay that empty for long (/c\). As you can see I am heroically volunteering for a post about Viper - The Wheelman. If someone else wants to do this one, by all means, be my guest. This table will only list the movie / tv show posts. Articles / interviews / essays... post them whenever you want.

I will post a template for movie posts tomorrow (now available here), but you don't have to use it. Just make sure that a post contains:

  1. General info (IMDB) like a short plot synopsis, cast, runtime, country, rating, year, awards and so on

  2. Callum quotient

  3. Pictures (not more than 5)


  5. Trivia

  6. Interesting Scenes

  7. Polls about the movie (overall rating, violence, humor, sexual content, sexual violence)

  8. Polls about Callum's character (character, kills, craziness, hotness, queerness)

  9. Does he die? (in white text, so no one gets spoiled)

  10. Articles, interviews (for the bigger movies: not too many, better put them in a different entry)

  11. Links (to posts in other LJs and communities)

  12. Info if the movie is commercially available*

*this last point is an idea by neu111 and still missing in the first two posts. I will update them with that info in the next few days.

Okay, what else?

If you don't want to use the template, but need some help with the coding, let me know. (I have reasons for offering that; for a really long post that's divided into subsections and contains polls and tables and lists, the coding can be a bitch.)

I have pictures for most of Callum's movies here. Feel free to use them. No need to re-upload, just use the gallery. If you have pictures of your own but no webspace to put them, you can use this gallery as well. Just let me know and I'll upload for you. If you don't have pictures at all, let me know, I will be able to provide some.

This is a paid community, so if anyone with a basic account (without the right to post polls) wants to do a movie post I can give you temporary maintainer rights for the community (that is, if I know who you are) and you should be able to post polls here. (Not quite sure what happens with the polls after the maintainer rights are withdrawn. Any ideas? Someone? Anyone? Bueller?)

If you post articles or interviews, only one per post please. Feel free to post fifty interviews if you can find them, but each should get an entry of its own. Of course, check if an article has already been posted.

Naturally, don't volunteer to post about a movie you hate.

To see what movies / shows are still available, check the posting table. *points up*

Okay, I think that's all I have. Questions? Comments? Ideas? Volunteers? :D?

ETA: scriggle also offered the use of her screencaps. And she has a LOT of them. She's also pretty good with tagging her stuff, so you should be able to find everything you might need here.

ETA2: The template is now available here.
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