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The brat pack (article excerpts and pictures)

SHIFT Magazine, September 1997 issue- The brat pack, by Cynthia Amsden

Only excerpts are available, there’s not much about Callum in it and sadly nothing about Tracy. But with all the buzz going about Trigger, it seemed like a good time to resuscitate this 1997 article about the brat pack (Twitch City time stamp).

Cover: the brat pack - With the subversive show Twitch City, will the renegades of indie film take over TV?

p. 30-31: the brat pack

Photographs by Tom Feiler – the pack: from left: Callum Keith Rennie, Molly Parker, Daniel MacIvor and Don McKellar.

Don McKellar got an offer he couldn’t refuse. Now he’s put together the hottest talent in the country for his new TV series, Twitch City. Is this finally the beginning of a new entertainment establishment? Cynthia Amsden finds out.

It’s 1994 and Don McKellar is in party mode, doing the mingle and schmooze with the old guard at the CBC. Then head of English TV and Corp golden boy Ivan Fecan sidles up to him with the famous why-don’t you-write-something-for-us line. McKellar responds with equal charm and snark, his trademark tone. “Sure, Ivan. How about a new King of Kingston”? He is of course referring to the venerable old sitcom starring Canada’s Know Best, Al Waxman, which ran on the network in the ‘70’s. After all, McKellar is a real scion of the Kensington. He lives there, buys his ritual morning pastries there, he even plucked his pet cat off the Kensington streets. “We’ll take it”, replies Fecan, and the two go back to the big schmooze, feeling a sense of accomplishment.../...

p. 32: L.A. is this mecca where actors have to make a pilgrimage, but I want to make it from here - Molly Parker

p. xx: I have this shame about aspiring to celebrity. Perhaps I’d like to end up there accidentally – Don McKellar.

p. xx: … Of course, in the Sinatra tradition of feigned indifference, everyone involved in Twitch denies being part of a celebrity clique. ... Rennie takes out his ubiquitous cigarette and does a spit-laugh. (He prefers to think of himself and Hard Core Logo's Hugh Dillon as a wolf pack of two.)

This issue of Shift magazine was one of the ‘1997 National Magazine Award Winners’: Honourable Mention for Art Direction for a Single Article (Carmen Dunjko) and Silver Award for Portrait Photography (Tom Feiler)

Originally from Source for scans lost. Mentioned in several old sites.

Tags: .genre: article, .genre: pictures, actor: don mckellar, actor: hugh dillon, actor: molly parker, director: daniel macivor, film: hard core logo, tv: twitch city, year: 1997
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