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So here it is, finally, the community for the fangirl* CKR catalog. Welcome! \o/

Because sometimes the information the IMDB has to offer is just not enough. Most importantly, it doesn't tell us if any given movie that credits Callum Keith Rennie is actually a movie we want to see. Is he in there for the whole movie? Or (much more probable) for a couple of minutes? Is he a good guy in this? Or (much more probable) some variation of creep? And the movie itself, good, bad, painfully bad? (See how I restrained myself and didn't offer any probabilities?) How does he look in it, how many people does he kill, will he take his clothes off?

The idea is to compile a complete catalog of CKR movies, including all the important information, as well as cross-references between the movies, actors, directors, filming locations and so on, via memories and LJ tags. And interviews, interviews as well. Print interviews and transcripts of radio and tv interviews.

If I did everything right I am the only one with posting access for now. And this will stay that way until the end of February, so I have time to work out the rules, find out what works and what doesn't, set up a system for the tags and the memories.

But after that I need volunteers, who are willing to take over for a period of time (either two weeks or one month), doing movie and interview posts. I think it's more important to have posts that are as complete as possible than to have many posts. I am aiming for one movie post a week. (This doesn't apply to interview posts, naturally) The first post will go up today or tomorrow.

Also, of course we need a banner for this community. Help? Banner-making CKR lovers?

Okay, I think that's it, anything I forgot?

*(or fanboy, as the case may be)
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