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The Hour, Hugh Dillon talks about Callum Keith Rennie (interview)

This is a transcript of part of the interview Hugh Dillon gave in May 2007 in the CBC show on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos.

George: I have in my hands, it was sent to me, the script for Hard Core Logo 2...
Hugh: Yeah.
George: ...the sequel. "Sid Vicious, Jim Morrison, Joe Dick," and it says, "Many have died, only one has come back". Bruce McDonald and you work on a sequel to Hard Core Logo?
Hugh: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's.... hysterical. It's funny. Julian Richings... Like, Bruce...it's a... You know, he's helped me out and... The other thing I really learned from all this stuff? Bruce gave me, and Callum Rennie gave me that... that... that boost as an actor.
George: Callum helped you out in LA, didn't he?
Hugh: Callum gave me his car.
You know, most actors, most actors... are... and I shouldn't say that, I shouldn't generalize. But a lot... a coupl... few [laughs] are, you know; when you're successful, a little piece of them dies.
George: Yeah.
Hugh: You know what I mean?
George: There's a lot of negative returns.
Hugh: Yeah. Yeah.
Callum Rennie. Callum Rennie... and...
George: Callum played Billy Tallent in Hard Core Logo.
Hugh: Yeah. And I refuse to call him Callum Keith Rennie.
George: [giggles] Right.
Hugh: And, uh, he, uh. When he saw that I had this opportunity I had gotten at Sundance with this film Down to the Bone... I worked with Vera Farmiga. Vera helped me with management representation in LA. She's in The Departed, just a really genuine actress who helped me... who forced me to listen too.
And Callum said, you've got everything, you've got your papers, you've- and I said, I am out of wheels and I'm maxing my credit card and this is a risk... I gotta go, I'll never have this opportunity again. I'm- I'm, you know, I'm forty, you know- and in my life- you know, this is it. Just even for the experience. And he said, okay, I've got a car. Come to Vancouver, I'll give you my car. And nobody does that. And it was a Crown Vic, a black Crown Vic-
George: That's a good car.
Hugh: ...so talk about looking like a cop. [mimes]
George: [descends into fit of giggles]
Hugh: *beep* the police.

The video of the interview is available here.
Tags: .genre: interview, .genre: transcript, actor: hugh dillon, director: bruce mcdonald, film: hard core logo 2, year: 2007
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