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Shift Magazine, December 1996 (presumably)

As actors go, Callum Keith Rennie calls for a redefinition of the term "upcoming". His recent portrayal of Billy Talent in Bruce MacDonald's critically acclaimed film "Hard Core Logo" evokes memories of a hipper than now James Dean. While most high school students were settling into never-never land with a fistful of pipe dreams, Rennie became immersed in other pursuits. "Mountain climbing became my main focus for about five years, which I'm sure I got from reading an Ernest Hemingway book - 'there's only three real sports in the world: auto racing, bull fighting and mountain climbing'." Rennie's introduction to acting came in the form of college radio in Edmonton, Alberta where he and some friends developed a live show that grew into fringe plays and a small theater company. His subsequent role in the "violently offensive yet award-winning short" called "Frank's Cock" propelled him on his way to a string of roles in numerous TV programs and films. Rennie's credits include appearances in "Time Cop", "The X-Files", and John L'Ecuyer's feature film, "Curtis's Charm". Don't be fooled by the cronies coming out of the wood work to lump Rennie into the same category as Keanu Reeves or Michael J.Fox. Rennie doesn't act cool. He is cool.

shift mag

Callum Keith Rennie and his Hard Core Logo co-stars


Found here (1st scan is no longer linked).
Tags: .genre: article, film: hard core logo, misc: mountain climbing, year: 1996
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