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The CKR Files

A Callum Keith Rennie Archive

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A Callum Keith Rennie Archive
An attempt to compile a complete catalog of - to quote china_shop - Callum Keith Rennie's vast and traumatizing oeuvre.

To find out a bit more about what this community is about, and how it works, please check out these posts:

  • (1) Welcome!

  • (2) More welcome! What to post, how to get posting access, the schedule for the next weeks / months (and please read the comments too, they contain useful information)

  • (3) Template for movie / tv posts, and how to use it (or not)

  • (4) And even more stuff about posts in this community

  • (5) Second call for volunteers, this post (or post #2) is where you can comment if you want posting access.

  • (6) List of all that's been posted - and of all that's not (film and tv posts), plus list of articles or interviews posts